Thursday, 3 October 2013

Vampire my ARSE :D

Hello Nyans! Hope you're doin well!
I was just snuggling up some datas in the internet,
and suddenly, I brought myself back into one of my favourite site,

Alice Bizarre

She is one of my inspiration throughout my love of goth.
Sometimes I feel the urge for having my makeup education on special effects
or working in that kind of fashion industry.
Been my long long awaits for the dream, I wish I could achieve it someday

Well, lets continue *ahem*
I was scrolling and opening pages to pages and found myself this gif on Alice's page

His expression like saying "the hell are you?"

Bwahahaha! I was exploded into laugh
If you had seen the movie, you may recognize these guys.

The first one, it's Lestat from Queen of the Damned, starred Stuart Townsend
And the second one, it's Lestat from Interview With The Vampire, starred Tom Cruise

The Interview With The Vampire is one of the best vampire movie I've seen in my life. The send out horrors, gothic, romance, and darkness without losing the image vampire that I had.

face: check
classic style: check
sex appeal: check
fangs: check
snow maiden pale skin: check
no pimples: check
mesmerizing eyes: double check

glitter: no
tried-so-hard-to-look-sexy-but-fail attempts: no
smokey eyes: no
I'm kinda sad when nowadays movies represent vampire as pale fine men with rich dangling and greens, too red to be true lips, and especially glitters that appears only in the sunlight.
Sorry fans and admirers, but I'm just writing my honest opinion. :p

What do you think about vampires? Meow me on the comment box!

Nikki Chan